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Heat loss in School Buildings

Heat Loss in Private and State School Buildings

As you know, schools are one of the biggest users of energy in the UK. Helping them to identify where they are losing heat can make the difference between a balanced budget and one which could be diving into the red. A typical school has tens of buildings and unless they are extremely fortunate, none of them will have been built within the last 20 years. This means that the building regulation requirements when they were built didn’t really […]

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Why use a drone for thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging is an extremely useful tool in many sectors, particularly when identifying issues on roofs and hard to access places. However, surveys at height have traditionally proven problematic due to expense and physical inaccessibility. Surveys at height help identify heat loss in buildings, damp and structural issues. What has been an expensive and often impossible task has been made easier by the use of drones to conduct surveys at height.
Currently drones seem to be the bees knees in […]

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