Heat Loss Surveys

Heat Loss Surveys

Over 60% of the UK’s residential and commercial properties suffer from some form of heat loss. ThermoSurvey specialises in identifying heat loss in buildings throughout the UK. Heat loss can be due to a number of factors including:

  • Missing Insulation  – Possible causes include damage or inadequate installation and water ingress. Read Case Study on Missing Insulation.
  • Thermal Bridging – The movement of heat from one side of a structure to another (a wall to a roof). Read Case Study on Thermal Bridging.
  • Windows and Doors – Lack of integrity in fixtures and fittings allowing heat escape through gaps.
  • Structural Integrity – Within roofs and walls.

Unidentified heat loss can result in increased energy usage which means higher bills as well as lower thermal comfort for inhabitants. If you think your energy bills are too high or there are unexplained cold areas in your building then you should consider a Heat Loss Survey. At ThermoSurvey, we have 10-years experience working with a variety of technology to identify heat loss. All of our equipment is our own and over the years we have built up a range of tools to conduct surveys both aerially and on the ground.

The purpose of all of our surveys is to save you money, therefore most of our surveys will also include damp identification as well as a survey of electrical and mechanical areas of the building if necessary. All of our surveys are followed up with an extensive report, identifying problems and suggesting resolutions. Thermal Imaging is the perfect resource for identifying heat loss in buildings. We have a fleet of drones that are equipped with thermal cameras, perfect for identifying heat loss in roofs and elevated areas of a building of any size. This can include heat loss in farm buildings through to large commercial office spaces. Over the last decade, we have helped schools, offices and historic houses save money by identifying heat loss.

Wall insulation

Wall Insulation:

ThermoSurvey can take pictures throughout the building and when analysed, areas of concern can be highlighted with heat map image. These include (but not exclusive to):

  • roofing issues
  • lack of loft insulation
  • problems with windows and their frames
  • lack of wall insulation

Surveys  can be extremely useful throughout the life-cycle of the building:

  • During the buying and selling of property; can have a direct bearing on the price of the transaction.
  • Can be used in bench-marking to ascertain whether there has been any change within the structure.
  • Towards the end of the building’s life, we help identify when the cost of maintenance outweighs the use of the building.

It doesn’t matter if you are halfway through a build or taking over a hundred-year-old block of flats, we can start to save you money by identifying heat loss quickly and with no fuss. A quick survey with our thermal cameras will identify areas of heat loss and you can then put actions into place to ensure your energy consumption goes down. The short term costs of extra insulation will save you money in the long run.