Other Surveys

Thermal imaging is currently used in different areas. ThermoSurvey has had experience in many of these.

Medical Surveys

Medical surveys provide analyses for a wide range of medical issues.

Tumour identified by the arrow

It is best known for its association with the identification of breast cancer

due to the fact that it is non-invasive, does not expose the patient to radiation and can detect vascular changes.

  • Additionally full body thermal imaging can detect:
  • intestinal inflammation,
  • back pain,
  • nerve pathology,

    Gout on the left big toe

  • arthritis,
  • circulation problems,
  • muscle damage,
  • and many other complaints.

Marketing Surveys

Thermal imaging is extremely useful within the clothing industry to ascertain how warm clothes are. This is especially important in the outdoor and camping segment of the market. ThermoSurvey has conducted marketing projects with clothing companies to illustrate the effectiveness of various products.

Wildlife Surveys

Wildlife projects using thermal imaging is an extremely useful tool but only to ascertain current wildlife numbers but also to illustrate to stakeholders the effectiveness of a given environmental strategy: whether it is a large infrastructure project or a small local community project.

A hibernating bat warmed up by the brief flash of a torch in a cave survey

ThermoSurvey has experience in bat surveys using thermal imaging and is now able to do large scale mammal surveys from the air (such as deer censuses) using drones, for a variety of clients.