Electrical Surveys

Electrical Surveys and Mechanical Surveys

One of the major difficulties when trying to identify problems within electrical systems is the danger associated with the electrical hazard.

  • We allow the equipment to stay live, identifying any problems within the system without extra risk to the individual = zero downtime.
  •  We identify many electrical problems associated with resistance within the circuit.

Overheating circuit in a distribution board.

Case scenario:

The image right, shows the imbalance of the three phase array, having caused electrical issues throughout a section of a school creating disruption to their timetabling programme.

ThermoSurvey pinpointed the issue within 5 minutes allowing maintenance staff to rectify the issue in a timely manner = minimising educational time lost

Mechanical Surveys

ThermoSurvey used for mechanical surveys can monitor machinery whilst in use = zero downtime.

Furthermore it is in fact better for a thermal survey to be conducted when the equipment is running.

Heat pumps

All equipment runs within a heat parameter;

  • We identify when this heat parameter is exceeded, alleviating the risk of catastrophic failures caused by overheated machinery.
  • We give timely information as to whether the equipment is on the point of failure and therefore can be replaced within a maintenance programme.
  • Utilised as a bench-marking exercise, we will help create the parameters for normal functioning equipment and will identify any systems that are overheating.