Damp Surveys

Damp Surveys

Damp is also a major issue within the building sector.

By using a thermal imaging camera as well as a humidity meter, we can identify where the higher areas of moisture are, even if it may not be visible to the naked eye.

Underfloor leak

Case scenario:

The image on the right is a water leak within a heating system feeding 48k sq ft building containing twelve second floor tenanted flats and several ground floor commercial units. All pipework was embedded under solid concrete flooring.

Outcome: ThermoSurvey located the leak 2ft underground, allowing for highly targeted engineering work, thus completing the repair within 2 hours.  Cost of ThermoSurvey, £1000, approximate saving to management company up to £130k

Another case client feedback-:

“Hi Anthony we met shortly before Christmas when you kindly came out to provide your expertise on where my under floor central heating leak was likely to be.

I took the plunge last week and ripped up a small section of travertine kitchen floor around the area that you suggested and gratefully you were spot on, saving me lots of time, money and grief. I was dreading having to rip up the travertine and oak floors! Thanks again for your help.”