Aerial Surveys

  • We survey by either using  masts  or using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)/ drones.

    Damp on a flat roof

  • Aerial surveying have lower costs compared to that of traditional surveys involving aircraft.
  • Specialist drone technology with state-of-the-art thermal and visual cameras.
  • We fly up to the legal limit of 400 ft.
  • CAA qualified pilots.
  • Thermal imaging camera operators are certified thermographers.

Solar Photovoltaic Farms

  • Drones allow a low cost survey to be provided to the operations and maintenance (O & M) teams.
  • A further fault ( in white) on a PV array

    A fault ( in white) on a PV array

    We identify hotspots such as defective diodes, problematic strings and inverter issues and a number of other yield reducing problems.

  • The survey can be either conducted manually or automatically (using pre-programmed GPS way-points) flying at the most optimally efficient heights.
  • We also offer ground based thermal imaging surveys for PV farms; providing an extra layer of depth to the identification and analysis of the individual panels.

The benefits of being closer to the array? Physically inspect the anomaly ensuring the problem is consistent with the thermal signature;  able to mark the panel so engineers can quickly locate and rectify the issue.