Protect your pocket and the environment don’t be thermally ripped off. Ask 5 Questions:

A chimney “thermally seen” through the wall
Emma Pinchbeck, the chief executive of  ‘Energy UK’ said:
“It’s a really worrying time for both customers and industry.…..you can expect bills to be anywhere between £2,500 and £3,000 in October depending on the tariffs people have and what happens in the market”.
With fuel bills on the increase, financial worries of homeowners have sparked an increase in thermal surveys of Residential Properties.  Homeowners are searching for comprehensive surveys and reports to ensure efficient energy […]

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A recent interview by This is Alfred, a local news station on Anthony Walker

A former soldier has applied his army training to help the environment and diagnose medical issues in animals. Alfred’s Keri Jones visited Anthony Walker of Thermosurvey at Shaftesbury’s Wincombe Business Park to see how drones aid his diagnosis.
Anthony Walker is a thermographer. His working day is spent looking at images created using a thermal camera. “You will have seen how police go around using thermal cameras to catch perpetrators. That’s the sort of thing that I do, but I […]

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ThermoSurvey are delighted to have won an award at the prestigious International Conference on Renewable Energy (ICREN) 2019 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Working with a team at the University of Southampton researching photovoltaics, we collaborated to create our paper:
“Automatic fault detection in infrared thermographic images in photovoltaic arrays using deep convolutional neural networks.”
The Conference is an international forum that attracts the best articles and experts from all over the world in order to promote excellence.
The work is driven by Alois Klink who is a PhD student at the university. This project uses the learning ability of Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify […]

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