Case Studies - Thermal Survey of a Horse

Project Description
  • 6th April 2018

The Aim:

To show the client visually, an area of assumed poor circulation from damage caused by the saddle in the previous season.

The Case:

ThermoSurvey was asked to do a survey of a horse using thermal imaging. The idea was to support the findings of a equine physiotherapist to show the client any problems found on the recovering horse. The problem area was caused by an ill fitting saddle used during the previous season.

The physiotherapist found a cooler area which was a suspected areas of lack of blood circulation and infra-red images found cooler anomalies in the same area which showed the client where the assumed circulation problem was.

Horse withers, right side

Horse withers, left side

The damaged area shows assumed lack of blood circulation shown by the blue

The Feedback:

The client was very happy to actually see the damage that was previously only felt by the physiotherapist.