Case Studies - Damart Thermal Underwear

Project Description
  • 6th April 2018

The Aim:

The aim was to show how effective a Damart thermal base layer could be in helping people keep warm during colder temperatures.

The Case:

As part of Damart’s “Warming the Nation 2012″ marketing campaign, MCG PR asked Thermosurvey to put Damart’s famous thermals to the test using the latest infra-red technology.  The aim was to show how effective a Damart base layer could be in helping people keep warm in colder temperatures.

A model was firstly scanned wearing no clothes to highlight areas where most body heat was being lost. The lighter colours in picture above illustrate this, with most heat being lost around the upper torso.  The model was then scanned wearing Grade 3 and Grade 5 thermals to see if there were any significant changes in body temperature.

The effectiveness of thermal underwear

The infra-red pictures showed a marked difference in body heat retention when a Damart thermal was worn.  In the first picture the model is losing a lot of heat from all over her body, but in the subsequent  images shows less heat loss with the ever thicker clothing.  This thermal imaging experiment clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of a Damart Thermals in helping retain body heat and ultimately keep people warm.

As part of the campaign, Damart set up a pop-up shop in London’s Soho Square.  Passers-by were encouraged to be scanned with the thermal imaging camera to find out where they were losing the most heat and then see first hand the difference a Damart thermal layer made to their overall body temperature and heat retention.  The aim was to educate people about Damart thermals and their effectiveness at keeping people warm through an interactive event that captured people’s attention, as well as being informative and interesting.